Enterprise 4.0 – From disruptive business model to the automation of business processes


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Digital companies are seizing entire markets and challenging existing businesses to change their business models. Concepts such as Industry 4.0 are changing entire branches of industry. Only those who know the drivers of success for digital business models can develop their own path to digitization. How can digital drivers of success such as personalization of products, self-control of systems, platform architectures or artificial intelligence be used systematically? Digital business models require new business processes. How do new software concepts and artificial intelligence technologies, data mining, robotic process automation, virtual reality, real-time process control or blockchain help to create and automate the necessary business processes? How do you find a compass in the jungle of new terms and hype in order to proceed safely? The answer to these questions should inspire the reader and lay the foundation for building and converting their own Digital Enterprise 4.0.

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